Captian Lou holds a USGC OUPV 6 Pack License and brother DJ have been fishing on Long Island Sound since they were young boys with their father. Fishing and learning from their dads boat the "My 3", they picked up the skills needed to find and land fish. From Lobstering to clamming, the love of not only fishing but the love of being on the water has been instilled in Captian Lou & DJ. 

 203-223-6150  |  fish@roadworkahead.fish

Road Work Ahead offers fishing charters on the waters of Long Island Sound. Being based in Stamford Harbor, our crew will fish for trophy sized Striped Bass and Bluefish including reef dwellers like Blackfish, Sea Bass and Porgies. In the fall, we specialize in the elusive False Albacore Tuna which migrate into Long Island Sound for 4-5 weeks during their fall run. If bigger fish is what you are after we can customize a trip to fish for Tuna and Shark in the Atlantic Ocean.